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Amanda B

Felt very safe & relaxed in this peaceful setting amazing feeling afterwards would recommend to anyone!
Thank you 😇🙏

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Dani C

I can highly recommend Mel I had the most amazing powerful healing and crystal session with her this week.

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Emasian T

I can not reccomend Mel, her angel essences and all her treatments highly enough. From the moment you enter the room you begin to relax. The gentle music, the amazing aroma of incense and the flickering light from the candles all help to create the environment for an amazing treatment. Be it meditation, massage, reiki, crystal healing or reflexology, Mel is fantastic and you leave feeling amazing. The angel essences are fantastic and enhance the treatments. I have all of the essences, I love them! I use them and the affirmations to help me with day to day situations, work stress, self confidence, creativeness and meditation. Be sure you make your appointment soon.

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I personally highly recommend Mel’s courses.
The insight it gave me in building my intuition, the healing elements of the 7 main chakras, self healing and working with the super 7 main archangels are amazing just to make a few subjects covered in her very informative courses 🤗
I use my angels for healing everyday, you have to ask for assistance for them to help you with what you want in life and how to attract what you want also. 🫶 Manifestation is key! 🔑
I’ve completed angels course 1 & 2, and the angelic reiki practitioners course which has enabled me to start healing others inside and out.
Book in and you won’t be disappointed!
I thoroughly enjoyed all of my courses with Mel, and look forward to the masters course when it comes available 🥰

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Jade H

Mel is a wonderful woman who is very gifted at everything she does! ☺️
I’m currently doing one of her Angel courses and it’s been an eye opener to tap into my intuition more and build on my knowledge around spirituality.
Mel’s expertise is outstanding whilst being able to teach others in a way that is digestible and exciting at the same time.
I also had Mel come and cleanse my home today which was a lovely experience and it feels so much lighter and the energy that no longer serves me has gone.
She tells you step by step on what she is doing, I thoroughly enjoyed the smudging of my home to clear it.
You will not be disappointed with her services, she is fantastic, I highly recommend!!!

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James B

This weekend I went to Melanie Angelic Reiki Master workshop .It was really well done very professional .Had some amazing experiences with the Angelic energies .What a beautiful space where she holds these Angelic Reiki workshops as well . Much love & gratitude thankyou x James

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Jane H

If you need or someone you know needs a good massage or amazing reflexology I would 100% recommend Mel at Soul Essence.
Mel has such a calming persona she makes you feel so relaxed as soon as meet her and
her treatments are amazing.
Her vouchers make perfect gifts too.

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'Relaxing afternoon with Mel after we finally arrived!. It was great to meet Mel again & her knowledge on the Angels was wonderful & she shares it with us with love & light. I'll be back to carry out further work with Mel'.

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Jenny M

Mel has helped to improve my life! Her massages have tremendously benefited my overall health. She is a wealth of knowledge and she shares what she knows and learns to help improve her clients' quality of life. It is evident that Mel truly cares about every client and she enjoys making a difference in their lives.
Hands down the best massage ever!
I have recently bought Archangel Michael angel essence spray and it has helped me immensely, especially with my anxiety and worries. When I call on Archangel Michael to protect me, I get a lovely worm feeling and a sense of peace and love. The essence smell is absolutely beautiful and it gives me a tingling feeling when it touches my head and face.
I will definitely be buying more. Thanks Mel.

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Larissa P

I had the most extraordinary and wonderful experience while collecting some angel sprays a few days ago - Mel channelled some Light Language from Archangel Metatron. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and I don't really have the words to describe how incredible it was. She is one special lady indeed.

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Last night I had the pleasure of the final meditation of the Angel course 2 with Mel. It was an incredible experience, that will stay with me forever.
I first met Mel at a childrens party and since then my life choices have changed dramatically, I’m more balanced, focused and driven and have a lot more understanding and love. Just being around Mel and her calm, peaceful, fun energy is an experience in its itself.
Such a beautiful human. My daughter had a place on the childrens Angel workshop which she thoroughly enjoyed and made a connection with her guardian angel, that brings her peace.
I have completed the angel workshop 1 & 2 and also had the divine experience of the Angelic Reiki course provided by Mel.
I recommend it to everyone, whatever your looking for you will find it with Mel and the Angelic realm.
Truly majestic energy is around Mel and her treatment room, you will leave feeling utterly divine. I’m forever grateful our paths have crossed.

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A fantastic workshop, so interesting & left me chilled, relaxed & peaceful. Thankyou Mel

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