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My Story

My name is Melanie Ford, I work from my treatment room in Saint Neots, Cambridgeshire offering holistic therapies, Angelic reiki healing, Angelic reiki courses, Angelic spiritual development courses, Angelic meditations, distant healing & clearing & crystal healing. I'm a qualified Nurse, Holistic therapist, reiki practitioner, Sekhem reiki practitioner, Angelic reikil practitioner, Angelic reiki master teacher & crystal healer. The Holistic therapy course has given me qualifications in massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, Indian head massage, holistic facials, postural alignment & stress management.



The angels have also been working with me to create Angel & Ascended master essences.  These high vibrational essences all harness within them the divine energies of the Angelic or higher being the essence is created for. I use these within my healing work to intuitively call in Angelic & higher beings of light who wish to bring through healing energies for the client specific to their requirements.




My Approach

In 2001 I qualified as a holistic therapist and began to follow the path of reiki. In 2007 I qualified as a nurse and worked mainly on acute medical wards for six years.

After having my children I made the decision to become a 'stay at home mum' and offer my holistic therapies & reiki healing from home. This has enabled me to be with my children whilst doing work I really love & fitting it around my family. Naturally, my work has developed & grown along with my children.


When giving treatments and healing I've always seen coloured lights on or around the client & in the room. I realised after having my first child that these were angel lights when after praying to Archangel Michael, as I did every night to bring protection my baby daughter, I opened my eyes and saw a beam of golden light and blue light shining from the ceiling down through the Moses basket. I realised in that moment that the coloured lights I see were actually angel lights as Archangel Michael’s colours are dark/indigo blue & gold. It seemed he had shown his presence to me in this way to reassure me he was there. This was a really special moment as from this point my life began to change, setting me on a path working with the angels.

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