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This beautiful workshop brings an introduction to the Angels & how to connect with them. It provides the tools to begin a wonderful journey where the Angels are able to constantly assist in your daily life, bringing guidance, love, peace, protection, happiness, abundance, healing, many blessings, following your divine life’s purpose & much more


- Who & what are Angels

- The Angelic Hierarchy

- The Archangels- who are they? Their attributes & how they can help us.

- Signs you know the Angels are with you

- How to connect with the Angels

- Connecting with your Guardian Angel

- Angelic meditations - Experience a connection with Archangel Michael & other Archangels in meditation.

- How Angels can assist in healing ourselves & others

- Auric fields

- Angel essences - What are they? - How do they work?

- An aura video showing my auric field when connecting to the Angels with an Angel Essence

- Everything is energy

- Feeling energy

- Using crystals to connect to the Angels

- My personal journey & experiences with the Angels.

This is a fabulous workshop for anyone interested in or feeling drawn to the Angels who may be looking for guidance on how to begin connecting with them. This can be a very exciting journey once you allow them into your lives

VENUE; Brook House, St Neots

DATE ; 12/02/23

TIME ; 1.00 - 5,00pm

Refreshments included - Decaf Tea & coffee, Herbal teas, water, snacks.


Many Angel blessings

Mel Ford

Introduction to the Angels Workshop

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