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I’m running an Ascended Masters course which is more in depth & could suit souls who are wanting to work on a deeper level with the Ascended Masters.



Starting 08/06/2023 & 27/10/2023


A 7 week course which takes place during 1 evening a week from 7.00pm to 9.00 pm either in person in my treatment room in Eynesbury, St Neots or via zoom. This course take a deeper look at 6 Ascended masters & includes;- Connecting with a different ascended master each week & working with them throughout the week so they are able to give you help, healing & you’re able to build a strong connection with them. This can then greatly assist you in any healing work you do for yourself or others. The 6 ascended masters are ; Dwahl Khul, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Buddha & Commander Ashtar- Deep weekly meditations to connect & attune to each ascended master - Weekly healing during meditation with each ascended master - In depth information about each ascended master to give deeper knowledge & understanding - Bring some deeper spiritual understandings & techniques which can be used within your spiritual practice - Can bring deep healing from each of the masters - you’ll receive the course information each week electronically to keep forever to go over at your leisure - A recorded healing meditation channeled by the Ascended masters for you to keepThis course is great for anyone on the spiritual path who feels drawn to deepen their knowledge & connection with the Ascended masters. It can also be of benefit to healers & anyone practicing angelic reiki as the ascended masters often come in & connect to assist with the healing . 

Ascended Masters Course

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