- What is Angelic Reiki? -

Angelic reiki is a very beautiful, powerful healing system which was channelled through from Archangel Metatron through Kevin Core originally in 2002/3. It uses symbols common to other reiki systems but the divine angelic vibration comes in with the symbols attuning the healer and the recipient to their soul energy. The angels bring the symbols through during the healing to enable the recipient to receive all that is required for the healing at that time. Healing angels merge with you and during a healing, the healer becomes one with the highest energies of the angelic realm enabling this beautiful energy to be received by the healer and the client.

During the healing you are also able to work with ascended masters and galactic healers.

This divine vibration dislodges old thought forms, can relieve and help emotional, mental and physical conditions which can re balance the mind, body and spirit. This system of healing can be transformational for the healer and the client. It stays in the body working for 21 days after the healing session.

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