- The Story of Soul Essence -


My name is Melanie Ford, in 2001 I qualified as a holistic therapist and began to follow the path of reiki. In 2007 I qualified as a nurse and worked mainly on acute medical wards for four years.

After having my children I made the decision to become a 'stay at home mum' and build my holistic therapy business from home.

When giving treatments and healing I've always seen coloured lights around the client, i realised after having my first child that these were angel lights. After paying to Archangel Michael, as I did every night to protect my daughter, I opened my eyes and saw a beam of golden light and blue light shining from the ceiling down through the Moses basket. I realised in that moment that the coloured lights were actually angel lights. A friend then mentioned she was doing an angelic reiki course and my eyes lit up, this sounded amazing and I quickly booked myself onto the course.

This attuned me to be an angelic reiki practitioner, to give angelic reiki healing which is a powerful relaxing healing treatment that connects strongly with the angels.

Shortly after this I began to see angel lights around the house whilst doing my day to day jobs with a strong angelic presence. I began to receive guidance in these moments suggesting I make angel essences. Over time the angels worked with me to create these beautiful essences to enable people to establish an instant and regular connection to the angels.

So far we have created nine essences and I'm looking forward to making more. These angel essences can be used daily to connect with specific angels to assist with various things such as health, emotions, healing, grounding, protection, feng shui, parenting, wealth, happiness, joy, laughter, cleansing negative energies, relationships, shopping, housework, to uplift and raise energy levels and the list can go on.

I feel very humbled to work with these heavenly beings in this way and very much enjoy helping others to do the same.

I have since become an angelic reiki master which enables me to attune people to angelic reiki so they too can connect with the angels and give angelic healing to otheres as well as attuning people to angelic reiki master which enables them to also teach it. I will post details about courses as and when they are running.

I'm running an angelic meditation group on a regular basis where people enjoy learning how to connect to the angels through meditation, prayer and the essences. Details will be posted on the website, feel free to email me regarding this if you require any more information.

Angel blessings,

Melanie Ford

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